Two days of touring with Kalinago Tours allowed me to experience the rich natural and cultural tapestry of Dominica. So many highlights... waterfalls (Emerald Pool, Trafalgar, Jacko) and a sulphur spa, Screws...all with my professional guide and driver, Patrice. Punctual Patrice also dropped and picked me up from my 1/2 day of whale-watching, which was followed by sites and attractions in Roseau. A well curated experience by Kalinago Tours and a wonderful vacation!

Danglez B & B truly puts you in the heart of a community tourism experience. I also enjoyed the serene surroundings, clean accommodation and sumptuous, sizeable meals provided by the hospitable and knowledgeable host. Highly recommended.

Mareba Scott (Trinidad.)

I had an unforgettable time on the "Kalinago tour". It was very comprehensive and the driver was very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. Comfortable transportation with beautiful views. I got to see some of the traditional livelihoods still practiced by the Kalinago people as I had the opportunity to interact with the natives learning about their rich and unique heritage. It was a great way to connect with the people on a more personal level. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

Hassan El Cimarron (USA)

My family of four had an unforgettable time in Dominica in January 2022 all made possible by the team at Kalinago Tours. At our request, they tailored a seven-day plan for our family which included tours and visits to the most scenic sites in Dominica, the Nature Island. This included Whale watching, river tubing, the Trafalgar Falls and Emerald Pool. The highlight however, was our seven hour “Kalinago Adventure”. This was truly an amazing personal experience from sampling herbal teas, a sumptuous traditional lunch and grooving to the traditional songs, music and dance of the native people. Definitely the best way to experience the indigenous culture and to learn about the Kalinago people.

Stewart Lowe (Canada)