Kalinago Treasures

The indigenous people of the Commonwealth of Dominica have for centuries practiced their ancestral art form of basket weaving. This rare meticulous art form has since been passed from one generation to the next and today we are pleased to introduce to you, Kalinago Treasures.

Kalinago Treasures is the finest quality craftsmanship from the heart of Dominica's indigenous community straight to your home and office with the assurance that our line of products are authentic and are proudly produced by Dominica's indigenous people with pride.

Kalinago Treasures are individually produced by Kalinago artisans utilizing all-natural material and traditional methods of craftsmanship. The Larouma reed which is the primary material used in the production of Kalinago crafts is used in the production of most woven products in our product line. Other materials featured include bamboo, calabash and the trunk of the giant fern.

Kalinago Treasures are not only excellent gifts and souvenirs, but are treasures in its own right having withstood the passage of time for more than five hundred years.

Therefore, whenever you purchase a piece of Kalinago treasures, you invest in the preservation of the history and heritage of the Kalinago people and also, contribute towards the self-empowerment and socio-economic development of the indigenous people of Dominica.