Kalinago Homestay

Many visitors trek to Dominica with the hope of connecting with some of the Caribbean's last remaining descendants of the pre-Columbian era who once inhabited this part of the world.

Indeed, after more than five centuries of the arrival of the Europeans in the Caribbean which lead to the shattering of the indigenous way of life throughout most of the region, the Kalinago people of Dominica still hold steadfast to some critical aspects of the original way of life.

These include but not limited to their song, music and dance, arts and crafts, knowledge of herbs in food and as medicine, folk tales and traditions.

Today, Kalinago Tours being the first and only tour agency in the Kalinago Territory is pleased to collaborate with residents of the community to offer our valued visitors this rare opportunity to connect with the indigenous people of Dominica through our home stay programme.

The Kalinago Home Stay Programme gives you the visitor an opportunity to live like a Kalinago as you get immersed into everyday activities such as fishing, hunting, gardening and basket weaving with a native family. See our Kalinago adventure packages or click here to book your stay with us.