Kalinago Tours is indeed thrilled to be able to partner with several stakeholders (The people) in the Kalinago Territory to offer visitors a second to none experience of the rich and unique heritage of the indigenous people of Dominica.

However, while we cherish the opportunity and feel privileged to be able to connect visitors to residents in a non-invasive environment, we are also actively looking for areas in which we can give back to our community through our philanthropic programme, Comcare (Community Care).

Comcare keeps our core value in constant focus whereby we actively seek ways in which we can contribute towards the enhancing of the quality of life of the people who have become invaluable partners to us.

Today, Kalinago Tours has been largely responsible for the establishment of the cultural group, The Kalinago Dancers. We also initiated and continue to promote the homestay programme in the community.

Kalinago Tours through Comcare will continue to explore and collaborate with philanthropic partners in the quest of alleviating the socioeconomic challenges of the many less fortunate ones among us in the community.

For more information on Comcare, please contact Kalinago Tours here.