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Why we are the best for your authentic Kalinago experience.

As the only fully fledged tour company in the Kalinago Territory and the only one in Dominica specialising in authentic and unique experiences with the Kalinago community, Kalinago Tours is pleased to offer a cadre of well selected tour packages to all our clients whether you are on a cruise, business trip or an extended vacation in Dominica.

Our signature packages start with our unique, jaw dropping experiences with the indigenous community which will wow you from the start.

Packages range from three-hour tours which are ideal for those on a short visit on the island to the more intensive full day, weekend or week plans. These are superb for out of the classroom experiences for students and anyone seeking this unique experience with the remaining aspects of the indigenous Kalinago cultural patrimony which has survived more than five hundred years of outside influence.

Get involved in artisan activities such as basket weaving and body painting, visit points of interest in the Kalinago Territory such as the mystic L'Escaliere Tete Chien, indulge in the traditional foods, meet the indigenous people in their very own settings, be mesmerized by the pulsating drum beats and the rhythmic movements of the Kalinago dancers as only Kalinago Tours can offer!

In addition, we offer superb tour packages at the best rates on the island to the most treasured sites and attractions in Dominica. These include whale watching, island safari tours, hiking through the rainforest jungle, river tubing among others. Packages based on customer requests are also facilitated.

Visiting groups and schools outside of Dominica have found Kalinago Tours to be the perfect partner for organising educational trips to the Kalinago Territory. Why should you settle for anything less?

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You deserve the experience!